Thursday, July 17, 2008

Most Changed Bedroom

I haven't lived in my house for an entire year yet; but there were certain things that just had to get done sooner then later. As my sister was moving in with me, I felt it only necessary to make sure that she had a liveable place, considering the disaster that was the room before.

Here is a before shot.

In some previous posts, I referred to the room as Alien since it reminded me of the cute little blue and green aliens from Toy Story.
Here is what was done:
  • Removal of chicken wire, yes I said chicken wire. It was part of the closet

  • Removal of sliding closet doors, broken door and framework

  • Moved 2 electrical outlets due to previous poor location

  • Several coats of Kilz, the absolute best primer in my opinion

  • Removal of nasty carpet

  • Removal of a handful of misc. screws, nails, picture hangers from the wall, since I could finally see them since they weren't blue and green anymore

  • Raise floor of closets to make them look more like built-ins.

  • Clean and paint window framework white

  • Recreate old style window trimwork and paint white

  • Paint everything

  • Lay down new, shiny hardwood floor

  • Recreate old style baseboards and paint them white

  • Hang blinds, curtains and move in furniture

So are you ready for the after shot.

It's like a completely different room isn't it.

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