Monday, June 16, 2008

Starting Small

It always amazes me what a few hours of hardwork and about $80 can do.

Let's see, it started with a ragged mess of weeds; but now take a look at the west side of my house.

See for yourself...

Besides the Azealea bush in the center, I planted 3 of these "Twister" grasses. They'll get about 24" tall.

I then planted 3 carnation plants. Did you know Carnations were perennials, I guess I hadn't thought about it before. I was pleasantly surprised when one of the three plants turned out to be pink; while the other 2 were red.

After a thorough mulching, the area is complete. And as a bonus, those larger white rocks...they were from a pile in my yard.

Now, onto the eastern side of my house. Eventually, this entire side as seen here will be a quiet retreat; but for now I'm slowly laying the groundwork. Here is a flower bed I made from some more rocks found in my yard.

I planted 3 Lirope grasses around the basement window; which as you can see near the top of the below photo needs a good scraping and coat of paint. These grasses will get 18-24" tall. I'm still trying to decide what to put at either end of the flower bed, maybe some daylilies (not like I don't have enough of them) or two more Azealea bushes. I haven't decided yet.

I think the time and effort paid off in the end. Wouldn't you agree??

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  1. Would definitely agree. That's awesome! Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact.


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