Monday, June 2, 2008

2008 To Do List Review

Since it's now June, I thought I would review this year's To Do List.
Let's see what I've been able to do.

  • Install gutters on garage (Nope, not yet)
  • Put up SheetRock in WorkStation 1/2 of garage (Done, plus my Dad has been working on the rest of garage)
  • Replace cracked window pane -or- replace full window (Not Yet)
  • Paint basement (Nope)
  • Demo and replace warped/broken front driveway stairs (Nope)
  • Kilz "Alien Bedroom" (Yes, it's done)
  • Remove "Alien Bedroom" carpeting (Yes, it's done)
  • Buy Washer & Dryer (Yes, and to make it better they are on the main floor)
So, in review...I'm doing okay. But now I've added the below new item
  • Create Daylily Garden on Front Yard & Back Yard slope
This is an absolute necessity, since I can't cut either slope with the push mower and in fearing for my life, I can't cut it with the riding mower. My Dad has been nice enough to come over the past month and take care of this part for me.
I'm going to use Daylilies for a few reasons. First, I love them. Second, they are can do nearly anything to them and they will still grow and flower. Third, my parents have a huge pile of them at their house that they don't mind parting with. Fourth, whatever you plant one year seems to triple the next year.


  1. Daylilies are awesome! I got a tiny 2 inch root from my parents... it is now four HUGE plants after dividing a few times.

  2. We have the exact same issue. Luckily we have daylilies out the wazoo.


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