Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Overdue Photos

So in a previous post, I mentioned that I found another old wood door at ReStore and included some photos of the cleaned hardware.

Well, here is the door and it's finally finished and hung in my sister's front bedroom.
My question is this, has anyone seen this door style before? I tried doing a google search; but came up with nothing. I'd be interested in anyone had any clues.

Also, I finally found a home for this little gem. I bought this cast iron door number at an Antique Mall about 5 years ago and as you can see, it's quirky and perfect for the door.

The sad part is that I really like the hunt for these old doors; but I don't have a need for anymore of them in my house :-(

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  1. That door's amazing and it looks great...Not sure I've ever seen one quite like it, or at least never noticed. Great find!


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