Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Freebie Finds

The PO must have owned stock in brick. For no understandable rhyme or reason, I would find a patch by a tree, a pile under some low-lying brush, etc.

When the tree removal people cleared my yard last September, they uncovered a huge neatly stacked pile of bricks way in the back corner. My guesstimate would be 200 red bricks. Then we realized that under a thin layer of grass and weeds was another pile built in a fort-like fashion, maybe another 50-100.

Our latest discovery happened this weekend. I started raking the area by the timber wall, when my rake made a horrible sound. I stopped, examined the area and to my amazement...brick. After a 1/2 hour the count was 54 of the red devils. My parents took up the task the following day and uncovered another 75 or so.

What's funny is that I remember when I was at HomeDepot last, they were clearing out on bricks for 25cents a piece. Looks like my freebies total a little over $110...sweet!!!

Needless to say, I have enough brick to go around and it was ALL free.


  1. The streets in my neighborhood used to be paved with brick. When they dug up all the brick and switched to concrete, my Grandpa hauled up several loads of the discarded bricks to use in various projects around the yard. They're still popping up here and there under my porch steps and holding flower pots down from blowing away. Maybe your bricks came from a torn up road.

  2. That's a lot of bricks! We're finding the same thing. I think ours has something to do with the house though. We have a brick foundation and I'm starting to wonder if they may have been left overs or foundations to buildings that are long gone. (There were at least 3 other structures here that are long gone now)


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