Friday, April 18, 2008

4:37am Earthquake

They say that animals have a special sense of danger and I truly believe it.
I awoke this morning to the sound of my parakeet making the most horrible noise and could hear her bouncing herself around the cage...then it happened.

Not 10 seconds later, it sounded and felt like a freight-train outside. Afterwards, I immediately turned on the TV...why you ask? My mind couldn't comprehend that an earthquake could have happened. It must have been a huge crack of thunder or a tornado, hence why I turned on the TV, to see if the storms we were expecting on Friday afternoon came in early.

After doing a quick survey of my house, I tried to go back to sleep; but was restless whenever I heard the slightest creak, the wind blow or a car pass by.

Sufficed to say that having now experienced an earthquake (even one 100 miles away), I can say that is the scariest and most helpless feeling ever.


  1. I can sympathize with how scary an experience this must have been for you.

    Last year, I experienced a 5.6 quake... while living in a mobile house.

    I was sitting in the back of the house when I felt a strong shaking start at the front and make it's way back to me in the den, where the energy dissipated with a loud bang that made me think something exploded. Pictures fell off the wall and the windows were still rattling (as were my teeth) fifteen minutes later.

    I was about 30 miles from the epicentre and didn't live in an area that was prone to quakes. This was one of the, if not the, biggest quakes, to ever happen in the area.

  2. I forgot all about that crazy few days. I just found your blog today...and yes (I live on the other side of the river from St. Louis) I felt it and thought to myself HOW IN THE WORLD??? Well it was weird and I am just glad that it was just a few small ones. - Interesting how your bird warned you...they seem to have a sense for things as history shows.


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