Monday, March 10, 2008

Pictures Coming Soon

Pictures...Pictures...Pictures, I know you all are wanting pictures.
The sought-after Alien Room Redo pictures will be up sometime this coming weekend, so mark your calendars:

While the room isn't 100% finished, it's 90% done with the following left:
  • Scrape, Tape and Paint Window
  • Tape and Paint Brand New Window Casing
  • Buy baseboard trim and install
  • Buy floor vent and install
The flooring went in so easily, there were only a few crazy cuts that needed to be made, all the others were just regular length cuts.
As for the window casing, it is truly a thing of beauty. I kept struggling with how it should look, do I add some semi-ornate trim, router the edges, etc. Well after spending way, and I mean way too much time hee-hawing around, the answer was right in front of me: just keep it simple. I cannot tell you what an ephiphany moment that truly was. Once I paint it a nice white, it will be perfect. Needless to say, this will be the standard for all the windows in my house.
So for now dear readers, don't let the anticipation ruin your week.


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