Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baseboard Trim Photos

Okay, so these photos are a little outdated since as of today the baseboard is now painted white and is just waiting for me to touch-up all of the nailheads...nevertheless, this is what the baseboard looks like in it's raw stage.

I was inspired by "This Old Crack House" posting some time ago about the baseboard trim in a house they visited during a housetour. I knew that whenever it came time to do the baseboard trim in my house, that is the look I was after.

So, here is my interpretation, thanks to my Dad's fearlessness of the miter-saw.

This is what I did to compensate for the large expanse of wall inbetween the 2 corners, I think it turned out nice and a sidenote to others considerating this look (It also helps when you only buy 8ft long pieces of board and need to span a 12ft wall).

Oh and in case you are wondering the wood is nothing special. I didn't see the need to spend $20 on a single piece of "TrimBoard" just because it was in the Molding section of Lowe's. This regular 1x4 does the job all the same and will look great once it's painted. The few knots give it a worn-in look.

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