Monday, February 18, 2008

Stranger's Comment

My Dad and I were at Home Depot on Saturday. I placed my color order at the paint counter (took advantage of the Behr Paint Sale) and since we had to wait, we picked up a few other things I needed. I had just finished helping my Dad lift a 4x8 sheet of MDF onto the cart...and when I mean help, I don't mean holding the cart while he did all the work. We were discussing what else we needed to pick up, when some grizzled, plaid shirt, Bass Pro Shop Hat wearing customer walks by and says:

"Never take a woman shopping, the project will get more complicated and it will take twice as long."

Now he obviously thought he was being funny-hahaha. But, I'm sorry...what gives him the right to even make a comment like that. Is it because I'm a girl in a Home Depot store?

It would have been funny, if I was dressed in a frilly pink dress carrying a shade umbrella; but I was wearing a paint-splattered Washington University School of Art T-Shirt and a pair of jeans. Give me a break!!


  1. Hey-- I'm a WUSTL alum, too!

    I haven't had anyone say that stuff to me in the Depot of Despair, but if I'm helping lift ANYTHING, a man always runs over to lift it for me. I appreciate the help, but sometimes it's just not even heavy.

  2. That would be annoying! In our house it's more like don't take the MAN to the store because everything is going to take longer. :)

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  4. I might have kicked him in the balls.


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