Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day

For those that have ever lived in St. Louis, you know that the weather can be crazy. Here is what has happened over the past few days...
Thursday-about 40 degrees with snow showers arriving midday
Friday-snowshowers end with about 8-10 inches throughout the area
Saturday-high 40s with snow beginning to melt
Sunday-high 50s with snow melting
Monday-high 60s with all snow gone
Tuesday (yesterday)-about 30s with thunderstorms prevelant during the evening rush and throughout the night

This is typical of St. Louis weather and that doesn't even take into effect that earlier last week we hit a record. The temperature dropped 50 degrees in a single day...50 degrees, that's unbelievable.

Nevertheless, I took a Snow Day on Friday and worked from home, since I don't go anywhere near my car when the weather gets bad. Here are some photos from around my place.

This is one of the larger trees in my backyard, all snowcovered and pretty !

Here is the bench and table that those of you, who have read my blog will probably remember, now look at it.

Here is the corner of my garage taken from my backporch. Suprisingly there is a reddish-brown roof under those 8 inches of snow.

And finally, here is a shot of the front of my house. It's at a weird angle because I wasn't about ready to try and walk up those crookedy stairs or get to close to the road, since it was a mushy-mess.

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  1. And then summer time will be 110 degrees with 98% humidity. I used to live up there-- at least you get some decent snow; we get all the temperature ups and downs, and the nasty, nasty summer weather, but rarely enough snow to justify staying in for a couple of days.

    All in all, though, I miss underappreciated St. Louis and its crazy weather!


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