Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alien Room

In the coming months, you will hear me refer to the upstairs bedroom as "The Alien Room". Come May, it will be my sister's bedroom as she is moving in with me after college graduation. She is actually taking the two joined bedrooms on the 2nd floor; but back to that later.

Question:Why do you call it "The Alien Room"?

Answer:Have you seen the movie Toy Story?

Remember, those green and blue aliens that lived in the crane machine.

Yep, those ones. Well, you see dear readers, the previous owners painted the bedroom neon green and blue. I'm not kidding when I say neon green, either. They had kids, so I'm assuming it was done for them; but who paints a room neon green with blue spongepaint.

Nevertheless, they did and this is what it looks like.

So befitting of a 1890s Victorian don't you agree?!?

I get a headache everytime I walk in there. Both of the ceiling sides are slanted due to the roof slope; but there is more then enough room for a bed next to the knee-wall (I think it's called).

There are two of those closet-y things, the one you see above and one just to the left of the photo. They will remain closets; although my Dad and I are in the process of repairing them, since some of the drywall is missing and he'll be adding a 3 1/2" raised floor in those areas. It will make them look more like built-ins.

Since my sister is moving in, she is going to help me KILZ this entire room and then paint it something that isn't so "Alien". Honestly anything is better then neon green and blue. Oh and the carpet is going too. We have pulled it back and while the original hardwood floor looked in decent condition, just covered in paint splatter, after a closer inspection, we have noticed some major problems and will probably end up putting a Pergo floor on top of it. I know it's sinful to cover up an original hardwood floor; but in cases like this, it can't be saved.

Next month, when my sister is in town to help me paint, I'll take some more photos and share them with you. For now, just be thankful that you don't have an "Alien Room" in your house.

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