Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alien Room Revenge

Some of you may remember my earlier posting about the so-called "Alien Room". If not, here is the link

Well, we started the transformation. As you may recall, this is what it looked like before.

My Dad and I with the help of some drywall bought by my Mom, started to rebuild the room.
We had to move some outlet boxes, fix holes and practically rebuild the closet interiors...which is where most of the drywall came into play.

Nice patch job-eh??

Needless to say after some hard work and long hours, taping and sanding...the fun began.
With my trusty friends, KILZ and rollerbrush, I was ready to go.

After 2 coats, because 1 just wasn't enough to cover the sponge-painted neon green and blue, the room is really shaping up. Here take a look...

The final photos won't be available until after Spring Break, that is when my sister is coming home to help me paint the room. In the meantime, I have another room to work on.


  1. It looks world's better all ready! Makes ya wonder what they were thinking with those colors and patterns! Crazy!


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